Mr Zingelmann
Released in 1999, debut CD-R

1- Where's the Fire? 5.22
2- Caged Party Animal
3- Work in the Dirt
4- Me & My Pacemaker (The Disappearance)
5- The Meaning of Life (Maybe)
6- Plans for Yesterday

Total time: 40 minutes

Michael Karlsson - Lead & rhythm guitar, programming
Roger Nyman - Bass guitar & programming
Dennis Nordell - Vocals
Sebastian Teir - Keyboards on track 5

1,4 & 6 written by Michael Karlsson with Prime Mover
3 & 5 written by Roger Nyman with Prime Mover
2 written by Nyman/Karlsson with Prime Mover

All lyrics and melodies by Michael Karlsson, except 5 by Karlsson/Nyman
All songs arranged by Prime Mover

Produced, engineered and mixed by Prime Mover
Recorded at home August 1998-May 1999
Cover art by Michael Karlsson

Whereīs the Fire
Our anti-hero Mr Zingelmann is standing outside a cold winter day,
contemplating his life. Not much is as it should be, and he decides that
a change has to be made.

Endless clouds in an endless sky, snow on the ground
My coat is protecting me, from the cold not from life
I canīt stay where I am now, or this will not end well
Lonely I may be, but Iīm not alone

Where should I, where should I go?
How should I, how should I know?

Timeless pain inside of me, I begin to see
It will remain the same, unless I force a change
All my life Iīve been in disguise, itīs shameful but so true
It does not give much relief that Iīm not alone

Where should I, where should I go?
How should I, how should I know?
Talk to me, talk to me, please
Canīt you see Iīm down on my knees

I see myself in the mirror, and I ask myself
Whereīs the fire that used to burn in your eyes
Something has to be done, this has to change - who put the fire out?
Whereīs the fire that burned in my eyes?


Caged Party Animal
Mr Z gives partylife a chance. He parties hard, and spends all his money,
but doesnīt get much happier. It seemed great at first, but he soon
realizes that itīs a shallow lifestyle, not suited for him. Noone in the
in-crowd cares about others. Mr. Z is still as alone as before, just in
another place and setting.

Itīs time to party, itīs time to have some fun
I wanna go out, I want to see the sun
Iīll spend my money on women and on cars
Watch out honey, Iīm heading for the stars

This must be life, I think Iīm having fun
Iīm living under the gun

I risk everything I own
I drink everything thatīs known
My eyes gaze nice in a haze
I moved my cage to this place

I take my chances, I even bet my soul
I like to gamble, and I like some rockīn'roll
How long will this go on - forever I hope
But Iīm soon out of cash, all spent, I'm broke


Work in the Dirt
Mr Z tries something else to find happiness. He goes to the other
extreme. He gets a job, and works like a maniac with no social life
whatsoever. To his surprise, noone seems to appreciate this either,
on the contrary they expect more and more all the time, without
recognizing what he has done. Mr Z quits his job, and isnīt able
to finance the costs of living anymore without the income.

I bury myself in my work
Iīm treated like dirt
No matter what I do
Iīm stuck in a hole, thatīs the truth

A self-made man
A self-made clam
Theyīll never be satisfied
My work will never be dignified

Work means money, money means life
Life is work, and workīs no sleep
I donīt want work, money, life
I need love, trust, hope

I never sleep but I do not weep
Duty is what I heed
I live it work, it is my home
All else is unknown

A man can put his soul into something
That belongs to others and get nothing
I lose myself
But I choose myself
Should I let it go?
Yes or no?

I never talk except for when I lie
I never breathe except for when I die
I lost my job, I lost my money
I lost my home and that ainīt funny

I never slept but I never wept
Now itīs time to take heed
I lived at work, it was my home
All else was unknown


Me & My Pacemaker (The Disappearance)
Nothing is working out. Mr Z is evicted from his home when he canīt
pay the rent. He decides that he may just as well disappear seemingly
off the face of the planet, as hardly anyone will notice, anyway. Heīs
not entirely right. Some people do notice his disappearance, and for a
while they wonder where he went. Sadly, when a few weeks pass without
signs of life from Mr. Z, they more or less forget about him. Meanwhile,
Mr Z is out on a long journey, both physical and psychological, trying
to find a new place where he can start a new life.

Silently he watches the skies
Teardrops fill his eyes
"Why did you leave me, why canīt you soothe me?"
"How did I end up this way?"

Nooneīs there to witness a death
As something inside of him dies
Noone seems to care about this man
Nooneīs there to hear him cry tonight

The silence is forever on this night
The rain pours down and he can feel the northwinds bite
"My time hear is ending, itīs too late for mending"
"I did try enough anyway"

His eyes are closed, he takes a deep breath
Noone is there to say goodbye
Alone he came, and alone he leaves his home
Itīs time for him to move on tonight

Where did he go?
Does anyone know?
Did anyone see?
How can this be?
Why did he go?
Does anyone know?
Is this normality?
How can this be?

He never said a word, noone was there
Itīs strange that noone heard or saw the signs
He lived in our midst, still he was alone
We were too caught up with ourselves, to see past our noses


Me and my pacemaker crawling to the door
Me and my pacemaker canīt take much more
I need a miracle, I need an angel
Samaritan where are you, help another stranger!

Me and my pacemaker try to leave the party
Me and my pacemaker have been here since it started
Life should be a miracle guarded by an angel
I hope I have more to do, Iīll move away from danger


The Meaning of Life - Maybe
Mr Z thinks about what heīs done. Maybe he shouldnīt always have gone
to extremes in everything. If he could just find peace inside himself,
and be proud of what he does, much could be set straight.

Why start all over again
I donīt really need to
Why stand outside in the rain
If a house is open for you
Itīs hard to do it one more time
Cause it's been a while

If you want to take you have to give
If you want a life you have to live
If I went back what would happen to me
I want my life, I want to be free

If you bring me down I'll get up again
If you helped me up It wouldn't be the same
I should find some strength
Strength from deep within
A little bit of faith
Sure can't be a sin

If you want to take you have to give
If you want a life you have to live
If I went back what would happen to me
I want my life, I want to be free

I study my life I study what it means
The meaning of life the meaning of dreams
One thing was wrong all these years
I tried to hide my tears

Maybe I did not accept myself as I've been
I don't understand all things I've seen
Sometimes I've disapproved of what I've done
I still do, but now it's gone

Some claim the meaning of life to be fortytwo
Others say that can't be true
I know it's pretty hard to find out
The meaning of life without a doubt

I study my life, I study what it means
The meaning of life the meaning of dreams
One thing was wrong all these years
I tried to hide my tears


Plans for Yesterday
Mr Z concludes that his situation never was as hopeless as he thought.
The problem was mostly in himself and in his attitude. Now when he cares
more for others, others care more for him. A renewed friendship with an
old friend makes him realize this.

My life has gone through changes
Most have been good because of you
No matter how one arranges
Things happen all the same, they always do

If Iīd have known a year ago
What I today so gladly know
I would have wondered what to sacrifice
To compromise

I was caught in a ratrace
Thinking that there was no way out
I was dreaming of some good days
Not knowing they were close, just not in sight

All of a sudden a change took place
You came from nowhere and saved my case
I never believed much in miracles
`Til I met you

Making plans for yesterday (a-ha)
Thinking of what could have been
Of what I might had seen
If it were not for you

Making plans for yesterday (a-ha)
Is oh so useless
`Cause as you might guess
I would not change a single thing