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2007, self-financed album, 61 minutes, eleven songs
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"...In fact, I will go so far as to crown this the greatest CD Progressive Ears has sent me to review yet."
Progressive Ears


Prime Mover alias Drivkraft
2004, self-financed album, 38 minutes, six songs

"...the band can be styled as giant-killer, at least within the contemporary Art-Rock scene."
ProgressoR (ranked the album among Top 20 Albums 2005)


Put In Perspective
2001, self-financed album, 50 minutes, eight songs

"... and after you have listened to 'The experience' it is clear, that Prime Mover is really mad ... "


Mr Zingelmann
1999, demo CD-R, 40 minutes, six songs

"Finnish prog is saved! "