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January 5th, 2005:
Happy new year to you all! Some bandmembers are experiencing a baby-boom right now (congratulations!), so the work on the new album has been slightly delayed. First things first! :) But the work is progressing, and we are almost half-way through recording our new songs. We won't reveal any details yet regarding the new songs or their destiny, since much of this is unclear to us as well!

To keep you on your toes, we have included some spy camera footage from Kebu's latest recording sessions for Prime Mover.

December 12th, 2005:
"Prime Mover alias Drivkraft" has been reviewed by (or Göteborgs Artrockförening). The reivew
has just been added to the review-pages. The reviewer calls us (almost reluctantly :) for unique, since that's how he considers our blend of music. He also thinks the songs belong musicwise to the Swedish political progressive rock movement and thinks we blend folk, jazz and rock quite well. His favourite song was "Vykort från Södern" (credits to Roger!).

December 6th, 2005:
Very soon, you will be able to hear Prime Mover on an FM radio station at Siberia, Radio Penguin! Apparently the people there are trusty fans of progressive rock music and they even have a radio show playing progressive rock there, run by Serge Tikhanoff. As a proof, Serge send us a picture of the Siberian progessive rock fans. Or is it the DJ and his technical assistant? Anyway, they seem to be very happy when they found out that they soon can listen to Prime Mover on the radio also in Siberia!

December 1st, 2005:
Happy birthday,! It seems that we all forgot about that our site now has been up and running for a year, since November 3rd, 2005! During the last year, our site had more than 7000 visitors and the annual average was over 20 visitors per day! Nice to see that we have that many fans (yes, we do have other things to do than visiting our own home page to raise the statistics :). To thank the active visitors, we have put another song from our latest record available, Några bagateller. We removed the full version of "Vykort från södern" to be fair to those that have bought the record.

The web radio station Aural moon now also have "Prime Mover alias Drivkraft" in their playlist, and "Begagnat liv" was aired yesterday. If you want to listen to the record on Aural moon, please make a request for Prime Mover.

November 23rd, 2005:
From now on, Mark Staudte (Marketing Director at Flight Valkyrie) is our contact and spokesman in the United States. Welcome to the team, Mark!

October 13th, 2005:
The newsletter of the Rock Special Interest Group (SIG) of British Mensa, Feedback, has written a nice and short review of Prime Mover alias Drivkraft, that you can read on the review-pages.

August 18th, 2005:
The progressive rock playing radio show Progdependent on national radio channel afk max in Germany plays our record as well. If you we're listening last Sunday you might have heard Vykort från södern. But you can also download the song from our web page in case you missed the show... :)

August 6th, 2005:
All our CDs at Garden Shed in Tokyo are temporarily sold out, but don't worry: a new shipment has been sent out, so next week you will be able to buy both our CDs from Garden Shed again. We thought that 50 CDs would last longer in stock than three weeks! On the other hand, Prime Mover records have not been available in Japan before, so you guys must have been very hungry for it! :) Nice to see that we have that many Japanese fans!

July 27th, 2005:
A new review has just been added to the review-pages. This one is from Prog-Nose, a rock e-zine in Belgium. The reviewer says that "These guys honestly cherish their ambition to explore new musical ground, which remains the basic idea of prog." Thanks! We totally agree with him: that is what prog is all about - exploration.

July 25th, 2005:
Two new music magazine reviews can be found on the review-pages: One from Rumba and one from Harmonie magazine. The reviewer in Rumba were mostly offended by our supplementary info-letter (!) while the review at Harmonie Magazine praised us for being authentically progressive and having introduced a new style! We never cease to be amazed by the contradicting comments we recieve on a daily basis...

July 20th, 2005:
In order to keep the site up and running and not discouraging our fans from downloading our songs, we have been forced to reduce the audio quality on the mp3-clips on our web page. When we get more bandwith, we will upload better quality mp3s, but for now we'll have to do with 96 kps.

July 16th, 2005:
Thanks to a recently made deal with the record shop Garden Shed in Tokyo, our fans in Japan can now order our records directly from them!
The traffic on our web page has rapidly increased during last month: over 40 visitors per day!

July 8th, 2005:
We have opened up the first official Prime Mover forum on Melo's Progbazaar, where you can discuss with the band, and about the band. Our keyboard player, Kebu, functions as moderator of the forum. Please feel free to start new topics and you don't need to only discuss Prime Mover's music.

June 17th, 2005:
Prime Mover can nowadays also be heard on, which is an Internet radio channel playing all kinds of progressive rock music. You can listen to this station online if you have Realplayer installed.
  Our friends at Overhead has also quite recently released their second album, Metaepitome, which has recieved good reviews.

June 8th, 2005:
If you happened to listen to the national radio in Chile on June 6th, you could have heard the track "Öppen" from
Prime Mover alias Drivkraft! That's right, a radio show called "La Fuerza del Acero show" plays Prime Mover on Radio Atraxion 102.5 FM in Chile. Soon the whole world is aware that there is a swedish speaking minority in Finland... :)

June 6th, 2005:
Progressor, the Uzbekistan Progressive Rock Pages, has reviewed "Prime Mover alias Drivkraft", and it is probably the most enthusiastic review Prime Mover has ever got! This is of course a great encouragement for the band, especially as the review is very well written (in English) and obviously by a true expert of progressive rock.
  These are some quotes from the review: "Their 'Alias Drivkraft' is indeed the repository of several different styles and is an outstandingly fresh sounding album. Not only fresh, though. This is seminal material, abundant in virtues and free of drawbacks." - - - "All the participants are masterful musicians, tirelessly weaving an intricate web of patterns, regardless of whether they mellow the vocal lines or are in their free instrumental flight. Their singing and playing is so inspired and performed with such amazing ease, that I am certain that they did the most beloved work of their lives when they rehearsed and, later, recorded this stuff. It's definitely thanks to their passion for creation that the magic has found each of the songs an appropriate place for living."
  Well, what can be said about a review like this? It makes you pretty much speechless. But it is particularly nice that someone has heard that the album for the band really is "the most beloved work of their lives". True. We'll see how we follow it up. Thank you Progressor!

May 23rd, 2005:
Two new reviews of "Prime Mover alias Drivkraft": a very positive one on Progressive Ears, and an ok one on It's encouraging that the "true" prog fans really seem to enjoy the album.
  The band members are looking forward to the summer, and having time to record the next album. Eleven new songs have been chosen, and most of them are basically fully composed (lyrics still missing for three of them).

April 16th, 2005:
The Swedish music site has listened to Prime Mover alias Drivkraft and written a review about it. The reviewer generally liked the record, but got confused when we switch styles from song to song. The review has been added to the Reviews-page and is in Swedish.

April 5th, 2005:
Reviews keep flooding about
Prime Mover alias Drivkraft, so we have renewed our Reviews-page, including the latest review from, which is a truly positive review, stating that there is not a single weak track on the entire record! Keep your radio tuned at Radio Vega at 15 o'clock today...

April 4th, 2005:
A new review has been added to the Reviews-page, from Babyblaue Prog-Reviews by Christian Rode. He seems to really have understood the essence of our record. The review is in German, but we will try to get a translation for this site soon.
  Rode also kindly provided us with a translation of the (old) semi-legendary German review of our demo "Mr. Zingelmann". But the question remains: why did we get 2/15 instead of 1/15 back then? ;)

  Sebastian will appear in a direct sent interview tomorrow at 15 o'clock in Radio Vega to give you some more Prime Mover stories and songs.

April 1st, 2005:
A bunch of reviews of "Prime Mover alias Drivkraft" are now up on our Reviews-page. There are still some more reviews coming up.
  On the 18th of March there was a very big article about Prime Mover in the newspaper Keskipohjanmaa. It was written by Jouni Nikula (a musician himself in his spare time, check out Requiem!), and had a big, almost psychedelic picture collage made by our Sebastian (picture to the right).

March 29th, 2005:
During the easter weekend,
Radio Vega aired a half hour long interview with Prime Mover. The interview was very well made and can be listened to here. Unfortunately the interview is only in Swedish.

  The news from 2004 has been moved to the Old news-page.

March 21st, 2005:
A new, positive review has been published at the Dutch Progressive Rock Page (DPRP). Dries Dokter says that "all the tracks have been created with just enough loops and solos and not one note more. The resulting music is in a way soothing and calming but never dull. The production of this album is also crystal clear and the cover artwork, by Aija Lumme, is also very good, I would very much like to see it in is original size." Nice!
  This year Prime Mover also for the first time got a grant of 500 euros from Svenska Kulturfonden (the foundation for Swedish culture in Finland). It is very welcome, we certainly need it.
  We have also made a few small updates on this website. The audio clip of "Folk är inte kloka" is now different from the one we first uploaded. The links-page has also been updated.

March 14th, 2005:
The interview that Michael and Kebu made with Stationen has now been published and can be found here (in Swedish). Radio Vega will air another interview with Prime Mover on the 27th of March at 11:15 in the program called Egocentrum. This date is preliminary and may change. Audio clips from all songs on
"Prime Mover alias Drivkraft" have been uploaded to give you a better overview of our album. Go check them out!

February 21st, 2005:
Simultaneously as the pessimistic review from noise appared, its very opposite appared on This review gives a high score, 4+ out of 5!

February 18th, 2005:
Prime Mover is working on new material. More than enough material for a full length album has already been written, but the songs of course need to be developed further. Demo versions are circulating, some lyrics are written, and some stuff has even already been recorded and polished enough for Prime Mover's next release. The new songs seem to be quite different... but we won't tell you more than that. Not yet. ;-)
  Another new review of "Prime Mover alias Drivkraft" is now on the web, this one on 2/5, and by far the most negative one so far. Oh well, it's all a matter of taste. Some of the things that this guy critisizes the most are other reviewer's favourite songs on the record. Anyway, of course a certain member of Prime Mover will go to the gig that the reviewer's own band has in Turku in April, and beat the living crap out of him! ;-)
  Prime Mover is now also included on, under the name Drivkraft, because the guy who has the site likes that name more! Cool, ok by us! :) There are already some flattering comments there, and a proper review is also coming up.
  It can also be mentioned here that Henrik Jansson's article about Prime Mover in Åbo Underrättelser (29.1) was surprisingly big - almost a whole page! Very nice.
  Tomorrow Kebu and Michael will do another radio interview, this time for Radio Vega's program "Egocentrum".

January 31st, 2005:
More reviews of "Prime Mover alias Drivkraft" has been published. The Swedish magazine Zero Music Magazine has written a review, and the Finnish music site has also reviewed the record. Both reviewers gave it 3 points out of 5, although the reviews were more positive and encouraging than the score they gave. The reviews are yet not available in English, but we will soon translate them an make them available here, as we have done with reviews of our previous releases.

January 28th, 2005:
And the winner of the free record is... Styrox "Båbb" Stroganoff!! No, seriously! It's our dear bass-playing friend at 1G3B. Prime Mover wants to congratulate Båbb and point out to our fans that the competition was not arranged, it was simply a weird coincidence! The world truly is a small place... :)

January 24th, 2005:
Here is your chance to win a free copy of "Prime Mover alias Drivkraft", if you live in Finland (quoted from Nöjesmagasinet at Radio Vega):

Det finlandssvenska bandet Prime Mover grundades på 90-talet av Michael Karlsson och Roger Nyman. Från vilken liten österbottnisk stad kommer dehär musikerna? Vinn orkesterns nya skiva Prime Mover alias Drivkraft. Svara per e-post, senast torsdagen den 27 januari, eller per vanlig post, Nöjesmagasinet, PB 62, 00024 Rundradion.

January 20th, 2005:
"Prime Mover alias Drivkraft" has recieved a lot of attention this week. Michael was interviewed by Radio X3M and the band was re-issued at their Demoweb. Kebu was interviewed by Nöjesmagasinet at Radio Vega, where songs from the record has been played a couple of times during the week. A local newspaper, Syd-Österbotten, has published an article as well.

January 17th, 2005:
Vasabladet has now the first published review of "Prime Mover Alias Drivkraft". Unfortunately, it is written in Swedish. The score was 3.5/5 and the final comments were "Maybe I would have liked to see a somewhat higher density and weight in the expression (of the music), but the bottom line is that this is a highly interesting music, and its realisation has demanded a whole lot of artistic courage."

January 10th, 2005:
"Prime Mover Alias Drivkraft" can now be bought directly from the webshop of our official distributor, Firebox.The price is 11,50 €. Just type "Prime Mover" into their search engine and select the record. Alternatively, you can still buy it directly from us but the availability is limited.

January 5th, 2005:
Happy new year! "Prime Mover alias Drivkraft" has already received some attention. The song "Begagnat liv" has been played on radio (Radio X3M, Finland), and the whole record can be listened to (but in poor quality) at the jukebox on Musikstationen (in order to listen to it you need to register and understand good enough Swedish to navigate throuh the pages).