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November, 19th, 2002:
We are still alive! Since the last update Michael has relocated to Turku and Roger to Umeå in Sweden, which has taken a lot of time, so Prime Mover/Drivkraft has sort of been on ice for a while. But we are still aiming to start recording the new material, as soon as Michael buys a new computer, fit for recording and mixing on... and to do that he has to earn money by working. Well, now he has a fulltime job, so practically you could say that the cd is on its way! ;) The demoing for all the Swedish Drivkraft-songs is done, the two latest titles are "Några bagateller" and "Öppen". The latter is the song that Dennis and Michael jammed on back in June. It's a slow process, but at least the songs get some time to mature.
  Last week we delivered a bunch of "Put In Perspective" to a cd-distribution company that is active in the Swedish-speaking part of Finland. It means that the album will be available in places like bookstores and the like. By the way, the cd is still selling otherwise, too. Slowly but surely we get the money back...
  As for the new Men In The Moon cd, all the recordings are done, just the mixing is left. The song titles are set, but we don't want to reveal them yet. We have a new title for the cd, it will be called "The Revenge Of The Lobotomized"!

July, 22nd, 2002:
The broken link to Heikki "Hezzu" Kippola's page below is now fixed! Big news! Other that that, it's time to unveil that Michael and Roger are again working on unlistenable music together, under the name Men In The Moon. This time, the stuff will be so perverse, that it REALLY is unlistenable. The last release, "Fjoggul's Quest For The Magic Wand" (2000) was very commercial in comparison to this. The working title is "Förtryckt av datorer - en ljuddokumentär" (="Oppressed by Computers - a Sound-documentary"). So there! ;)

July, 15th, 2002:
We forgot to mention in the previous update that there is a new review of "Put in Perspective" on the very good Finnish website A fine and fair review, in our opinion! :) The review is in Finnish, but we will probably translate it to English and put it up here some time later on.
  Another thing worth mentioning is that the band Couch, featuring KeBu and Kenneth of Prime Mover, has released a new 6-song cd-r ep. It's their second cd, and it's better than the first one in pretty much every aspect. Better songs, better sound, better performed... you get the picture. Check it out! (a link to Couch's website can be found on our linkpage)

July, 11th, 2002:
We have been going through the material and realized that we really have a LOT of stuff. We will start with working on the songs that are going to be in Swedish.
  KeBu has completed a demo with vocals of his 10+ minute song, which is real prog, fiddles and all. Roger also has three demos (two still instrumental), including one 10+ suite... and surprise: Michael's 10-minute "Folk Är Inte Kloka" should be on the same release. So there's going to be a few longer ones next time around...
  Michael has also just bought a brand new 12-string acoustic guitar, which obviously will come in handy when we want the acoustic, folkish sound.

June, 12th, 2002:
There have been all kinds of plans made for the upcoming cd. The Swedish "Drivkraft alias Prime Mover" release will now most likely be more than an EP, but how we're going to release it is unsure. The recording will probably take place late this summer, if everything goes according to plan (hmm...).
  There have been talks of changing the sound and arrangements quite drastically and try something new - choirs, fiddles, trumpets, acoustic guitars...
  A lot of material has already been written. Roger by now has some four (or is it five) songs, and for the first time in a long time he's also written the lyrics for one of them. Michael has even more stuff than that, and KeBu is also working on material (except that he's in France at the moment)...
  Earlier today, Dennis and Michael actually met up for a jam, and recorded a really raw version of a new song Michael wrote last week. Jamming in a hot basement when the weather is this nice... SICK! ;)
  Sadly, it seems that there won't be any live shows during the summer, after all. The problem is again the schedules of the different members. With a bit of luck, the band will however rehearse together sometime soon, but focusing on new material instead of rehearsing a live set.

April, 30th, 2002:
No updates for a long time... Preproduction (or whatever it's called) on the Swedish material is still continuing. In addition to "Begagnat Liv" Michael has now also written the lyrics and completed a demo of "Folk är inte kloka". The lyrics include hedgehogs dancing on tables, and stuff like that. ;) KeBu has also been working on his song, but it has turned out to be so long, that he contemplates splitting it in half, making two songs of it instead.
  Just as a fun thing, here's a picture of Michael and KeBu playing Finnish iskelmää live, which happened back in March. Thanks Tanja for the photo!

March, 26th, 2002:
Issue #18 of Colossus Magazine is out, and it features Heikki Kippola's long, three-page interview with Roger, Michael, KeBu and Dennis, as well as a rather favourable review by Raimo Eurasto (read it on our reviews-page!), and even an ad for "Put In Perspective".
  If you can't find the magazine, the interview is also available on Heikki Kippola's personal website.

March, 15th, 2002:
Michael has made a demo version of the new song "Begagnat Liv", which sounds quite promising. It is uptempo and just three minutes long, but quite a few things happen in those minutes! The lyrics are about the reality-TV phenomenon, so typical of our times.
  The EP might be called "Prime Mover alias Drivkraft", and it will probably contain three songs. In addition to "Begagnat Liv", there will be an about ten-minute (progressive...) suite by Michael, with the working title "Folk är inte kloka" and a yet undecided third track. KeBu (=Sebastian) says he has something up his sleeve that might fit the bill. If it does, that would be historical, as he hasn't been the main writer of any Prime Mover song yet. He has of course written a lot of other material for other projects... you have listened to his stuff at, haven't you? :)
  By the way, two weekends ago, at the beginning of March, Couch (featuring KeBu and Kenneth, as you should know) and a coverband featuring Michael played together at a party in Helsinki, organized by the choir POL. The evening ended spectacularily when KeBu joined the coverband on keyboards, playing some 5-6 songs - Finnish "iskelmää", traditional dance music and some mainstream rock numbers (heh heh). This was the first time Michael and KeBu shared a stage - and the audience was pretty much ecstatic! (to be honest this most likely wasn't because of the playing or the Prime Mover-connection, but...)
  Anyway, with Kenneth there appearing with Couch, this was certainly the first time it was possible to see 3/5 of Prime Mover playing live on the same night. One step closer to the ultimate experience!!! (trying to build up some excitement and expectation, hope this wasn't overdoing it, haha)
  While we're on the subject of side projects... Roger's and Michael's demo of coversongs from last summer - made quickly, just to have some fun and scratch that ole metal itch - has now finally been mixed. We still won't reveal the tracklisting officially, there are good reasons for this, but among the "highlights" are "The Zoo" (Scorpions), "He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)" (Alice Cooper), "We're Not Gonna Take It" (Twisted Sister), "1916" (Motörhead) and "Slowly We Rot" (Obituary). Quite a bit different from Prime Mover, and NO, you can NOT get a copy! ;)
  Finally, congratulations to KeBu for completing his thesis! Now there's more time to spend by the keyboards...

February 26th, 2002:
There is a fairly big article about Prime Mover, written by AG Karlsson, in the latest issue of Studentbladet, and it's a nice one! Recommended reading... :)
  Right now, it looks like the band will start rehearsing some new material in April, and at some point we'll try to get a live set together as well. We definitely want to make our live debut sometime during the summer!
  I think it is OK to reveal that the EP we are planning (which we are currently trying to get some funding for) will probably have songs sung in Swedish (!), and if it happens we might release it under the name "Drivkraft", which is a translation of Prime Mover. The main reason for this is that we want to try something different, that sets us (even more) apart from other prog bands.
  While waiting for Prime Mover's live shows (I know you are, hehe), those of you who live in the Helsinki area can get a kind of surrogate in the near future. Couch (featuring Prime Mover's KeBu and Kenneth) will play a show in Semifinal on the 5th of March!

February 8th, 2002:
Sort of quiet here lately... Anyway, now we have finally uploaded some new stuff to the site. There are three new reviews to dig your teeth into in the reviews-section. They are mostly ok, except for the one from Vasabladet, which is so out of line, it gets ridiculous! But it's fun reading... for all the wrong reasons! ;)
  About two weekends ago, on the night between the 26th and 27th of January, we again got some air play on Radio X3M, on their progressive night. We don't know what track, as none of us heard the show. Michael's grandmother (who is a fan of nighttime radio) woke up to the radio, when the host said "well, that was Prime Mover...", but didn't hear the song! :)
  On a personal level, there has been lots going on lately. Michael finally got his master thesis approved, and KeBu is still working on his. There has been talk about some quite spectacular plans involving Prime Mover lately, but it's unsure how much can be revealed at this point. Anyway, it looks like we might release an EP this year, and it will be quite a bit different for us, in more ways than one... More on that later!

January 3rd, 2002:
Happy new year, everyone! The Christmas sales of the cd were surprisingly good, something which we are very happy about. Thanks to everyone who realized what the perfect Christmas gift was 2001! ;)
  Yet another member of Prime Mover has uploaded solo material on This time it is DenniZ - check it out!