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December 18th, 2001:
The songs from "Put In Perspective" have got some air play on national radio! "Sunrise, Again" was played 06.27 in the morning, on Radiomafia's progressive night. Seems to be a bit of wishful thinking, sunrise isn't nearly that early in Finland in the middle of winter... But we appreciate it! Here's a list of all the songs that were played in the program.
  Our music is fit for playing during daylight also, something that luckily hasn't gone complete unnoticed. Today, "The Agenda for Instant Truth" and a snippet of "Pitiful" were played in the middle of the afternoon on Radio X3M. The hosts commented that we sounded good, and that we reminded them of Sting, especially Dennis' vocals. Now, that's a compliment! They also said that they wouldn't mind playing us a bit more... We wouldn't mind either, go ahead! :)

December 11th, 2001:
Prime Mover has been chosen "DURP underground band of the month" (December 2001) on the respected progressive rock website!

November 29th, 2001:
A new big fat batch of promo cds have been sent out, this time to foreign media, e-zines and the like. Of course this should have been done long ago, but it takes time to dig up the addresses, buy the envelopes, blablabla, excuses, excuses...
  We have something new on the links-page! Lots of new links to other Finnish prog bands. None of them probably have a link to us on their respectives websites, but so what, we're not afraid of promoting other bands a little bit! We're very very nice guys. ;)
  And now to the more important news: KeBu has removed his beard, and his hair has turned another colour! If we were the Backstreet Boys, this would be spread all over tabloid frontpages everywhere in the world, and KeBu would have to dodge paparazzi every time he leaves his house. Now HE is instead sort of paparazzi, as he every now and then walks around with his digital camera, taking pictures of weird things. Check out the art gallery on his own website if you want to see some of the results! :)

November 26th, 2001:
At the moment we are working on answers for an e-mail interview with us, conducted by Heikki Kippola, which will appear in the Finnish progressive rock magazine Colossus. There will be a review of "Put In Perspective" in the next issue, but the interview might not be included until the issue after that. It will be a comprehensive story, which will give lots of deep, meaningful and perhaps also surprising insight into our world. ;)
  We are planning to start working on our new material sometime around Christmas. There are some very interesting new ideas, things that you can really sink your teeth into. Roger has some demoversions he is working on, and Michael has recorded one demo, called "One Word, Three Heard".

November 14th, 2001:
The review can now be found in the reviews section.

November 9th, 2001:
There is a new review of "Put In Perspective" up on Progfreaks, and there has been an article about the band and a review in Jakobstads Tidning (not online, though). Both reviews are mostly kind and positive. The reviewers have in common that they seem a bit surprised by the mixture of styles in our music.
  People keep asking us when we are going to play live... It would be great, but at the moment everyone in the band is very busy taking care of life outside music. Sometimes you could do without that "other life", but what are you supposed to do? ;)
  It is not impossible to see members of Prime Mover live separately, though. The choir POL, featuring Michael and Sebastian has a big concert in Helsinki at the 18th of November, and Couch (with Sebastian and Kenneth) has also played some gigs recently.

October 23rd, 2001:
Still waiting for more reviews... But in the meantime, you can check out Michael's updated website. The most interesting new feature is probably the huge and detailed (=embarrassingly honest) "discography", with more than 20 recordings noted.

October 10th, 2001:
The cd is now available in the following stores in Helsinki: Keltainen Jäänsärkijä, Hippie Shake Records, Tunnelin Levy and Oskun Divari. It can also be found in CD Dreams in Pietarsaari.

October 1st, 2001:
The cd has been out for a little over a week, but today is the official release date. We will try to get it out to a few record shops, eh, right after this site has been updated!
  The feedback from our friends has so far been very, very positive.
  We have also sent out some promo copies, and the first review, from the Dutch Strutter 'Zine is just in. It's a fair review, the only real complaint is about the vocals. The reviewer says they remind him of some "depressing grunge band" like Radiohead or Pearl Jam, and that Dennis needs to change his style. That will, of course, not happen. :) Some of us in the band think that Thom Yorke and Eddie Vedder are among the more expressive vocalists in rock, and besides, why make Dennis sing like every other prog vocalist out there? Listen with an open mind, folks! Enough of the review of the review... :)

September 26th, 2001:
A new counter (Nedstat) was added. The visitor number in the old one was 1367.

September 21st, 2001:
So now we FINALLY have the finished cds... what a huge pile! :) Please buy your own copy as soon as possible, we have problems with storage ;)

September 7th, 2001:
Yesterday the material for the album was delivered to the manufacturer, CD-Linja in Helsinki. We should get the CD's by the 24th this month.

August 22th, 2001:
All three mp3:s finally available... it took a bit longer than expected. Yesterday our song "The Agenda For Instant Truth" was played on national radio in Finland, Radio X3M, much to our surprise. We haven't contacted them or anything, but for some reason they had downloaded our mp3, and decided to play it. Nice, we want MORE! :)
 If you are interested in obscure mp3:s, you can check out some songs that KeBu recorded as a solo project a couple of years ago. They are available at KeBu's page at

August 13th, 2001:
Three mp3:s from the new album have just been uploaded to, they should be available from there within a few days.

August 8th, 2001:
We have chosen the manufacturer, CD-Linja in Helsinki, and we are in the process of working out the bureaucracy around releasing an album. It's more than you'd think! The official release date for "Put In Perspective" has been set to 1.10 2001, but if you're really nice to us, you will probably be able to get it from us earlier than that...
 The financing is of course an important issue. Read: if you read this, please buy the cd! ;) We need all the support we can get!

August 1st, 2001:
Last weekend KeBu completed the whole mix! This means that everything is musically done, and that we can begin to look around for a manufacturer. The cover is now done, except for the inside of the booklet... We're just completing the thanklist among other things. Mail us fast if you want your name on it! ;)
 On a side note, Roger and Michael has completed recordings for an upcoming demo of coversongs only. It took just four days to record the eight songs. We can't reveal the tracklist, because it could hurt Prime Mover's reputation!!! ;)

July 16th, 2001:
By now almost all the mixes of the songs are finished. KeBu has among a lot of other things cleaned up the drum sound, and balanced the instruments more carefully. The vocals sound better than ever.
 Meanwhile, Michael has completed the inlay lay-out. The front cover features the picture below, with the same logo, but a different font on the text "Put In Perspective". The back of the inlay shows a photo of the band, with some info above it. The back cover isn't done yet, and the inside of the inlay needs some black & white text as well. A thanklist is being compiled... There won't be enough space for lyrics.

July 6th, 2001:
While waiting for the new material, we have uploaded a new mp3 of some old stuff from the 4-track tape vault! It's a song called "Mind Dew", written and recorded back in late 1996, and performed by Michael, Roger and Dennis under the name "Greys". It was the first time the three of them recorded something together.
The tune was written by Michael, and it was the first of his own songs that he was really happy with. The song appeared on a tape demo, called "Music For The Abducted Generation", released in early 1997.
The song was recorded on a 4-track, c-cassette, so the quality is not that great and the performance is a bit rough around the edges. Yesterday Michael transferred it to digital format, and touched the song up as much as possible with a remix. This is rare stuff, you can't get it anywhere else! :) Download it by clicking here.

July 2nd, 2001:
Sebastian, a.k.a. KeBu, has just completed the first beta version of the mix of our new album, "Put In Perspective". The other guys in the band will listen to it and evaluate it, and if it's good, that means that the album is finally DONE!!!

June 28th, 2001:
This is sort of off topic: Michael has completed work on his latest solo cd, called "Hurry to Nowhere". The cd is released under the pseudonym Oilfield. Michael plays all the instruments himself, except for bass, which is played by none other than fellow Prime Mover Roger Nyman! The cd contains seven songs. Out of these two were considered for Prime Mover and "Put In Perspective" - "Starblind" and "I See Myself In You". If you're interested in hearing what it sounds like, go to Oilfield's page at All seven songs should be available in mp3-format "over there" by the end of this month. (already uploaded them, waiting for approval)

June 18th, 2001:
The front cover artwork for "Put In Perspective" has been completed by Lisa Alfredsson. Below is an early version of the cover. We might still change the logo (center it properly...) and fonts.

June 12th, 2001:
Here are a couple of pics from the recording session with Kenneth (one taken with a flash, one without - guess which one's which, hehe):

June 6th, 2001:
All the drums have now been recorded, in just three days, by the amazing Kenneth Lagerström! He has put a totally new slant on our music with his fusion jazz style. We will start mixing the album in July. All the instruments finally recorded after a year and a half!

April 4th, 2001:
Today this became the brand new official site! :)

March 28th, 2001:
Finally this site starts to look like the real thing! Uploaded the pictures today...
At the moment we are working on writing sheet music for our drummer.
 Last weekend we finally accomplished one mixdown (of the song "See It For
Yourself") that almost satisfies us...

February, 2001:
The first version of our album "Put In Perspective" finally on CD-R. The mix isn't
right, and we realized we need live drums, but other than that it sounds absolutely

November 19th, 2000:
The news are that our site has been totally overhauled. Finally!