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What's up:

- You can listen to songs from our albums on MySpace and read reviews about them on our Reviews-page.
- You can buy our albums from
Firebox webshop and several other web shops and music stores. For our Japanese fans, we recommend Garden Shed. For our fans in the U.S., we recommend Syn-phonic.

16 August 2010 (by Michael):
An update again about what the Prime Mover musicians have done lately. Michael Karlsson has done an album with the Turku-band Space Bar Hoppers, you can download 8 tracks from here, the style is mainly classic 70's hard rock.
  Sebastian Teir is active with the funk/jazz band Vinyl Jam in Espoo. Click here for some sample songs! The band is playing live and has also released a couple of albums, the last one being "Kino" (2009). And more stuff with Kouzin Bedlam is also coming up... stay tuned!

25 August 2009 (by Michael):
Prime Mover has not been active lately, but if you want to hear some related stuff you can check out this website: Greys. Greys features two members of Prime Mover, and the new 10-track album "Generated by the Abducted Musicians" includes two songs that were originally intended for Prime Mover, back in the early 00's ("Things May Seem Real" and "An Exhibition of Challenging Art"). All the new songs can be downloaded for free here: Please give feedback on the tracks!
  Another Prime Mover-related album that also can be downloaded for free is this one: Kouzin Bedlam. Hard rock featuring Sebastian "Kebu" Teir on keyboards.

25 October 2008 (by Kebu):
We apologize for not having updated the web page for a while. Both Michael and I have been very busy lately. Except for our day time jobs, Mikke continues working with his band Space bar hoppers and I have started working with Vinyl Jam, which just released a single with me playing clavinet, moog, and juno.
  Aural Moon Radio recently requested a copy of "Imperfekt", so soon you should be able to request music from it on their streaming Internet radio station! We have a few reviews still coming in from the record that we will post here as soon as we get some time to write them down.

13 June 2008 (by Michael):
The new website ZXC, which is specialized in music by the Swedish-speaking minority in Finland, has reviewed "Imperfekt". The reviewer, "Humppe", thinks it's a good album, but that it could be a bit more energetic and aggressive. You can read the review here.
  VM at ProgressoR, the Uzbekistan Progressive Rock Pages, has also reviewed the album. He loved "Prime Mover Alias Drivkraft" and gave it maximum points, but is not quite as blown away this time. You can read why not here.

27 February 2008 (by Kebu):
A new review of Imperfekt was recently published in the Finnish-Swedish magazine Resonans. The review is positive and the reviewer thinks we are a promising band. The review is not yet translated, but if you know Swedish you can read the review on our review page.

1 February 2008 (by Kebu):
Most of the reviews of Imperfekt have now been translated into English. You can read the reviews and their translations on our review page.

31 January 2008 (by Kebu):
Jackpot! Imperfekt was awarded five stars (maximum) by a review in the distinguished Finnish music magazine Rumba. He thinks that we revive a stuffy genre, and describes our record as creative, of high-quality, and excellently implemented, as well as exhilaratingly original and fresh. Wow, thank you for the compliments! You can read the review on our review page. The review is in Finnish, but we will try to translate the reviews as soon as possible (sorry for the delay, we have just been very busy with our regular jobs).

21 January 2008 (by Kebu):
A new review of Imperfekt was published in the latest issue of Progressive Newsletter. The reviewer thinks we have developed since our first record and finds Imperfekt a better experience than our first record. You can read the review on our review page. The review is in German, but we will try to translate the reviews as soon as possible.

7 January 2008 (by Kebu):
Happy new year everyone! A new review is up from the popular Swedish pop/rock magazine Zero Music Magazine. They think that our latest record is "new, but classic progressive rock of class" and both better and smoother than our previous record. Thank you for that! You can read the review on our review page. We will try to translate the review as soon as possible.

10 December 2007 (by Kebu):
More reviews are raining in. One review is from the popular Finnish indierockpunkmetalzine Sue and another review comes from a German webzine called Rocktimes. At Rocktimes, we got a review of our previous record, Prime Mover alias Drivkraft, as well. All three reviews are very positive ones. You can read them on the review pages.

3 December 2007 (by Kebu):
Several new reviews and translations have been posted on the review page!

22 November 2007 (by Kebu):
We have now managed to translate most of the reviews to English! We also put the reviews in alphabetical order to (hopefully) allow for more easy navigation. Go on to the review page...

20 November 2007 (by Kebu):
Finland's number one music magazine, Soundi, has published a review of Imperfekt! The reviewer thought it was difficult to figure us out. He thinks we play well together and that there are several great moments on the record, but not as many great tracks. According to the reviewer, there seems to be too many chefs in our kitchen. :) However, he still gave it 3 out of 5 points. The review is in Finnish, but we have began the translation work. The first review of our record has now been translated and added to our review page.

15 November 2007 (by Kebu):
In one month, our U.S.-based fans will be able to order our records by domestic mail directly from Syn-phonic's web shop! You can place your orders already to pre-book your CDs.

12 November 2007 (by Kebu):
Two more reviews of Imperfekt were published last week. The first review is from the Dutch Progressive Rock Page and is the most detailed review so far! The reviewer mentions both highlights and weak points of the record. Overall, he enjoyed the record and gave it 7 out of 10 points. The second review is from Åbo Underrättelser, a local newspaper. The short review is in Swedish and I have not yet had time to translate any of the reviews. The reviewer seemed to like the record. You can read both the reviews on our review page.

9 November 2007 (by Kebu):
Our site was down during the beginning of this week due to maintenance by our service provider. Sorry about that! Next time, I'll try to warn you in advance. But for now, the site should be running again as normal.

29 October 2007 (by Kebu):
Two reviews of Imperfekt have recently been published on distinguished progressive rock web sites. The first review is from Progressive Ears. The reviewer started the review with saying that our record was the greatest CD Progressive Ears has sent him to review yet and ended the review by saying that our record is one of 2007’s highlights! Thanks for the nice words! The second review is from Babyblaue Seiten. The review is in German and I have not yet had time to translate it. But the reviewer thought that our record was very good and gave it a rating 12/15 (one notch higher than our previous record scored). You can read both the reviews on our review page.

23 October 2007 (by Kebu):
A new review of Imperfekt has been published on The reviewer gave our record very high ratings, 4.5/5, and says that our latest record may as well be our best ever! Thats good to hear! We have cited the review on our review page as well, but we have not yet had time to translate any of the reviews. But don't worry, we will soon translate them.

22 October 2007 (by Kebu):
Thanks to all our loyal fans who voted for us on Vegalistan last week! Unfortunately, most of the votes were only for one song, so the votes were discarded. Otherwise, we would have been on the list. What a bummer! But the rules are that voters must vote on three songs from the list, not only one. The first thing I came to think about when I heard about the results was what seems to be the typical paradigm in Finland: "Don't try to be good, try to be mediocre!" In other words, if you stick out from the mainstream you will probably get trampled on. But I think it was more a case of the other side of the coin, which can be summarized by a well-known saying in Swedish: "Den som gapar efter mycket mister ofta hela stycket". Freely translated it means that if you are too greedy, you often lose the lot.

We're sorry that we didn't inform you about the 3-song-voting system, we missed that (although it was mentioned on the home page). Anyway, thank you all for your effort. We really appreciate it. Also thanks to Vegalistan for giving us the chance and sorry for all the trouble!

15 October 2007 (by Kebu):
Yesterday, the song "Sagt och gjort" from the new Prime Mover CD, Imperfekt, was listed as a challenger for the chart Vegalistan on Radio Vega. Please vote for "Sagt och gjort" on Vegalistan! If we get enough votes, we might enter its charts! Just check the box next to the song on the web page, fill in your name, address, and e-mail and press "Rösta".

The album has also recieved its first reviews! You can find the review from Arbetarbladet and on the newly opened review page. The reviews are not yet translated, but both are very positive reviews, so we will probably translate them soon. :)

You can also find a news item regarding the album on the Finnish-Swedish music site

Our Finnish fans can now order both "Imperfekt" and "Prime Mover alias Drivkraft" from the popular online shop Ariman.

7 October 2007 (by Kebu):
Today, Prime Mover was a hot topic in Tonträffen on Radio Vega. Three songs (no, we didn't bribe the station) were played from the new Prime Mover CD, Imperfekt. The speaker, Bengt Bergqvist, was quite enthausiastic about the record, and summarised quite well what Prime Mover is about. The program will air again on the 10th of October at 20:30 so stay tuned at Radio Vega then! Also Nöjesmagasinet on Radio Vega and Musikrepubliken on Radio X3m have during the week played songs from the album, although it is not a musical style that they typically play. Many thanks to Radio Vega and Radio X3m for the support!

6 October 2007 (by Kebu):
All our albums are now available from Firebox webshop! Go to their "Catalog" page and search for "Prime Mover".

5 October 2007:
Today, Sebastian was interviewed on Radio Vega Österbotten by Ann-Sofie Långvik regarding the new Prime Mover CD, Imperfekt. The interview was very intensive, and during his eight minutes on the air, Sebastian told us as much as possible about the new CD in his own native dialect (hope somebody else understood the discussion as well :). According to Sebastian, ideals and values is the main theme throughout the record. Especially demands and excptations, on both a societal level and a personal level, and their impact on our lives are reflected upon in the lyrics.

4 October 2007:
The Imperfekt CDs have now arrived at Garden Shed (Japan). If you happen to live in Tokyo and would like to listen to some good ole' Finnish-swedish progressive rock (huh?) now's your chance!

29 September 2007:
The Imperfekt CDs have now arrived to our distributor and will available on the 10th of October from Firebox webshop (Finland, also international sales). A shipment has also been sent to Garden Shed (Japan) and should arrive after a week.

24 September 2007:
The new Prime Mover album, Imperfekt, has been released today! Thanks to everybody involved for the effort! In honor of the new CD, we have revamped the home page graphics, redesigned the bio-page, and opened a new
Imperfekt-page, where you can find the lyrics both in Swedish and in English. The CDs have not yet reached our distributor, but they should be available in a week or two. In the meantime, you can listen to two songs from the album on MySpace.
Two songs from the new CD are available for streaming as well from the Mikseri-site!

29 August 2007:
The new Prime Mover album, called Imperfekt, has now been sent to the CD-presses. We delayed the production slighlty, because we extend the CD booklet to 16-pages in order to have room for more artwork as well as lyrics. The CD will be distributed by
Firebox, who has kindly agreed to also distribute our first album, Put in perspective. So all the three CDs will soon be directly available from the Firebox web shop! We will keep you informed as we get there.

28 May 2007:
It's time to reveal that a new Prime Mover album is scheduled for release towards the end of this summer! It will be called Imperfekt, containing eleven new original songs and clocking in at around one hour. The songs are now complete, and we are in the final stages of production before handing it over to the printing press. The record will be released under our own label, and will be distributed by
Firebox. More information will follow as things happen. Watch this space!

26 May 2007:
We have finally set up our MySpace-page! It pays to pay it a visit, because we have remastered "Why do you think you are" from Put in Perspective, just for the MySpace-page!

26 March 2007:
The spring seems to have arrived, putting Prime Mover is on the move again. Last weekend we recorded a few missing backing vocals that completed the recording sessions for the new material. Much effort and dedication has been put into these songs, which have been carefully crafted during two years now. As soon as we are satisfied with the mixes, we will release a new Prime Mover album. So remember to check in once in a while, more news will follow soon.